Antichrist’s name is Apollo, Zeus is Satan, Ten Horns of Rev Sea Beast Have Been Here Since 90’s – 1

Direction of this Post

I am temporarily going to ignore the four horsemen, trumpet, bowl, and vial judgements for now (seems less interesting to me). I want to begin by addressing the identity of the beasts of Revelation and create a timeline of coming world events that we will see in our lifetimes. I will also review Daniel (early History) and any other books of the Bible as they pertain to endtime. The work is still in progress. I do explain my conclusions in later chapters. Just like everybody else, I want to know the future first. Unfortunately, I believe I have solved the riddle of Revelation, and it is a very bleak and hopeless future short term. If I have it right, I got what I was looking for but it was more than I wanted. I wonder if I should have taken the blue pill. Of course every chump who writes a book about Revelation thinks he has it too. Revelation is a highly complex, figurative book which is filled with metaphors like dragons, beasts with horns, beasts with 7 heads, and other animals, riding whores and an antichrist. The critical idea is to understand that a model or analogy only holds true for several aspects of the thing it represents and usually refers to the primary characteristic of the real thing. A model car is a miniature representation of a real car, but no one is going to be driving it down the street.

Ex: Who is the bear? Everybody knows it is Russia; even Russians know it is Russia. Does it have fur and four feet – no. But it has strength, size, power, fortitude, stealth and can play dead to stalk prey (Perestroika? read Golytsin’s “New Lies For Old”). There are also lots of bears in Russia. I am going to assume you know the Bible somewhat and who the Revelation characters are. Definitions are forthcoming for all. If you have never read Revelation, it may be a bit hard to pick up. Have a Bible or download one from internet. Go get your Bible (I am use KJV most of the time), be a Berean and search the scripture for true enlightenment. Please, don’t believe me – prove ALL things.

Jesus or Yashua, God, Lord or YHWH (YHVH) (Jahovah)

I refer to Jesus as Yashua because I believe that the name Jesus (Geezus (English), Hesus (Spanish), and Iosus(Greek) are all constructs of either Ie=hail & Zeus=sous as Hail Zeus (Hesus?); or a merging of YHVH (aka Ya) and Zeus into Yasous or Ioseus made by some worshipers: they had the audacity, or maybe were desperate because life was tough, and believed (maybe hoped) that they would receive benefits from the pagan god and YHWH (yes, they were that stupid). Since the origin of the name Jesus is murky in my mind, I choose to address Him as Yashua. I just don’t like the controversy about the name “Jesus”. I refer to his Father as YHWH (YAH-HO’-VAH) or Jehovah. Yashua’s parents were also not known as Mr & Mrs Joseph & Mary Christ, because christ was a Greek title meaning anointed (chosen) and was even used in Zeus Cristos, Apollo Cristos and others. I prefer the original Hebrew of Yashua Ha Messiach (or Yashua the Messiah). There is speculation that cristos came from Indian “krishna”. If you do pray to JESUS, that prayer goes to the being you pray to not a name. Who knows, maybe He likes to be known as Jesus too. I answer to Jorge if I am talking to a Spanish speaker or Zhorzh to Russians. I even answer to Bob if it seems like that person thinks I am Bob, but do correct him. I think Yashua knows your heart. Yashua just happens to be my personal preference. Since Yashua is YHWH in the flesh, I usually replace YHWH with Yashua because they are the same being and Yashua is YHWH’s face to man.

There is a whole Christian Sacred Name movement which I have nothing to do with and I think is rather silly. I really hate how many so-called religious people, either try to scare the crap out of you with promises of torment in hell or guilt you into some ideological stance (You MUST…… “blah, blah, blah” …… and get on your knees and….. ” blah, blah, blah”……. or fry in hell) so they can reel you in to become a church member and unthinking clone like them. Stop selling me on your churches!

I don’t know if the links throughout this manuscript will work. They did on my document, but I lost all my underlines, font size, Bold, Italics when I loaded it here, so you may have to copy and paste (or highlight the link and then hold down CTRL + C; paste with CTRL + V).

.Definitions, Symbols and Characters (scorecard)

Angel – 2/3 host of heaven, good aliens, stars

Antichrist-arises from the bottomless pit with the Scarlet Beast as Apollo, son of Zeus/Satan and sun god. He will openly share power with the Scarlet Beast (NWO) and Mystery Babylon. After the NWO destroy the church, Apollo betrays them and usurps all power and worship and declares himself god.

ApolloApollo is son of Zeus and is the Antichrist – I call him Apollo. The Bible (Rev (9:11), Greeks and Romans also called him Apollo. He is a sun god, a copy of Dad. Sometimes called Tammuz, Nimrod’s son. His name means destroyer, opposer

Babylon– the city first established by Nimrod where all people of the world had one language and were building the Tower of Babel.  It also reemerged at its greatest height under Nebuchadnezzar.  Head of gold in  Nebuchadnezzar’s dream.  Lion w/eagles wings in Daniel’s vision.

Beast – a savage animal symbolizing a ruler or government.

Color Black – death or impending despair of doom

Color Red – sin, death, bloodshed, socialism, blood

Color White – victory or purity

Color Purple – Royal colors

Day for a year principle– Bible sometimes uses 1 day to represent a year in many prophecies

3 1/2 years = 42 months = 1260 days – 3 1/2 years of tribulation, Abomination of Desolation, Rise of Apollo & Scarlet Beast, 3 1/2 years of Great Tribulation, Yashua Returns

Diadems – crowns or royalty or rulership

Door – an opening to opportunity

Dragon – Satan, Devil, Zeus;

Red Dragon – represents Fallen angels, Watchers, Anunaki, Grigori, 1/3 host of heaven, evil aliens, stars

Dragon’s Enemy – Yashua, YHWH, 2.3 of host of heaven, Good aliens

Eagle – Swiftness, bad omen, symbol for Zeus (hid bird Ganymede)

Earthquake – YHVH’s judgement

Fire – Purification

Frog – unclean spirit, abomination

Horn – power and authority. nation or ruler; every head was a horn in development

Horsee – strength or war

Hour – 1/2 month; short time

Incense – ascending prayer

Keys – power and authority

Lake of Fire – place of torment, Hell

Lamb – Jesus, purity, goodness

Lightening – way YHWH shows power

Lion – Assertiveness, strength, bravery; king of beasts

Moon – 2nd level of authority behind the son

Mountain – Empire, Kingdom, head,

Mystery Religion – was the hierarchical religion started by Nimrod of pre-dispersion humanity. It was called Mystery because initiates were given more secret information as they graduated from level to level. It was created to worship Satan/Zeus father Sun-god; The Queen of Heaven usually symbolized by the moon; and the son called Tammuz, or Apollo and was supposed to be the resurrection of the father Sun-god. Often the father is ignored and it is known as the Mother/Son religion. Nimrod was to be worshiped as the Sun-god, claiming divinity. This religion spread from culture to culture, changing names, but holding to the Mother/Son concept, which sometimes did include the father. It passed from Babylon to Persia, Greece, Pagan Rome and many customs and items of worship were adopted by the organized Christian Church. St Peter’s statue in the Vatican, that was so revered that the big toe was worn off by kissing, was created as the statue of Zeus that was renamed and accepted as St Peter.

Mystery Babylon was a religion and a state (like Vatican) ultimately worshiping Zeus/Satan (sun) and having 3 characters – Nimrod, Semiramis, Tammuz. Most if not all organized religions are offshoots of Nimrod’s religious creation – hybrid Christianity (organized), Buddhism, Hinduism, Islam, Zoroasterism, nature worship, Satanism, nature worship

1. Nimrod the king/high priest and god (he thought so) worshiped as the sun Celestial body that looks biggest

2. Semiramis (Nimrod’s wife and mother) (yes she was) was Queen of Heaven, Moon Goddess (celestial body that looks 2nd biggest) who rules the night

3. Tammuz (Nimrod’s/semirami’s son) and born just like dad (sun god) Apollo

Babylon the Great– the 7 head, 10 horned beast of Revelation 13 of the NWO from the sea

Mystery, Babylon the Great, the Mother of Harlots and Abominations of this Earth – it is the name on the whore’s (world religion) crown as she shares power with the Scarlet Beast of Revelation 17 and Apollo. A church/state combination.

Nephilim – a hybrid of human with alien, angel, Watcher, or Grigori

Prophet – most people believe prophet means seer and predictor of the future. That is the dictionary definition. A Bible Prophet can be shown the future, but by Bible definition, a prophet is a spokesperson or mouthpiece. That is all. If he sees the future, that is fine, if he doesn’t, he is still a prophet. Media newspeople can be considered prophets by biblical definition. Why does that matter.? (right below).

Lamblike Dragon Beast is called the False Prophet. It doesn’t mean it sees the future. It just means he is a loudmouth, deceiver and liar. Hence, False spokesperson. Who was he speaking on behalf of? – Babylon the Great and the Red Dragon and itself and other interests. Has the USA become the cesspool of political liars? You betcha! The whole world is full of them- we are not even close to the worst. Economic, social, spiritual, moral, cultural liars as well? At every turn. We are becoming a nation of liars; better- we are led by many liars at many levels. That sure qualifies as a false prophet. Once again, the identity of the Lamblike Dragon Beast is not the Pope or Catholicism or any religion like many have speculated by its incorrect definition of prophet. It is a political entity (a beast power of two nations that is in the forefront of shoving this NWO onto everyone. TPP, GATT, Kyoto Environmental Accord, monetary policy, military policy, economic policy, but not for its people, but on behalf of Babylon the Great. It is called lamblike because it clings to the veneer of Christianity, but conducts wars, business, and treats people like a dragon. Too bad about that one. I was hoping for some positives about our direction. Everyone in the world is sold out to the NWO. You can’t fight them. If you could  who  will you have to fight next – the Red Dragon Federation.(he is not ethereal). And I doubt they are Draco’s or reptilian looking. Just sleazy like snakes. They can mate with women and fly in IFO’s (Identified Flying Objects) but the coverup is in. The leadership may be right to cover it up, even though they benefit greatly. Who, on this planet, could handle the “conquered and brutally ruled by alien species” scenario anyway? How many would likely believe this anyway especially with the Bible being part of the explanation- Doesn’t have to be though.

Satan – Devils name, Zeus, Jupiter and also called a Lucifer (light bringer, enlightened). Is Satan a generic term for the whole Red Dragon bunch.

Sea – evil powers, chaos, multitude of people

Seal – Lock for something hidden, ownership sign

Sickle – judgement

Star – power, authority, angel

Throne – from where power, authority, royalty come

Thunder – voice of YHWH

Trump or Trumpet – call for announcement

Waters – peoples, multitudes, nations, tongues

Winds – action resulting from YHWH’s judgement

Womanwoman is a church or  religion

Whore – A whoring woman has another lover; in this particular case the lover is Satan/Devil/Zeus. So the church in question loves Zeus/Satan

Winepress – crushing by YHWH

Zeus – Head of Greek