Antichrist’s name is Apollo, Zeus is Satan, Ten Horns of Rev Sea Beast Have Been Here Since 90’s – 3




Antichrist and Identifying the Woman Riding the Beast

The Pope is not the Antichrist as so many Protestants believe. Some even have some convoluted logic that the mitre the Pope wears has “Vicarius Filii Dei”, translated “Vicar of Christ” in which the letters can be thought of as Roman numerals and when added together total 666, the number of the Beast. Sorry, the religious system is always a woman in the Bible, and if the woman loves other gods, she is labeled a whore. But, in this case, the Pope is not the Antichrist and the Catholic church is not THE whore riding the beast. The Antichrist is ruler over the Scarlet beast, a secular manifestation. So, who is the woman, Mystery Babylon? Can you imagine Muslims, Hindus or Buddhists becoming Catholics? They can’t even bring their numerous sects together. But they all have representatives in the World Council of Religious Leaders, World Council of Churches, Interfaith Council and hundreds of other front groups, because they all know that only NWO licensed churches will be allowed to practice, they get financially “encouraged” and they have ALL signed on.

She will be the religious group that is established from the Ecumenical/Interfaith movement. Whazzat? Better look into this gigantic religious power structure being groomed by the New World Order/UN crowd. She will be made from representatives of all false religions, which are most of them (Buddhists, Hindus, Muslims, Zoroastrians, Christians, Satanists (really), Voodoo witch doctors, Nature worshipers, Gaia followers, Ancestor worshipers and every other worshipers;  joined together to resolve their differences where possible, but ignore differences in the spirit of god or higher power and find solidarity in beliefs they may be able to share. That is vile ignorance gone to seed.

There are literally thousands of  groups promoting Ecumenism (all Christians in one group) and Interfaithism (all religions including Christians). They have hundreds of groups just to indoctrinate kids. They write books, movie plots, support and get support from thousands from different religions. This is where the rubber meets the road. Whatever comes out of this giant, worldwide, NWO driven, UN supported piece of garbage, who stand for everything, therefore nothing but their own self promotion. Who seems to be at the head of the groups and is one of its ardent supporters? Why of course, friendly, lovable, Pope Francis. But there are many leaders assembling worldwide on a weekly basis who might be. Of course, the Antichrist/Apollo will eventually be the head of this “church” and the state (beast Rev 17). This pope seems to be accepting the call for “who can lead such a conglomerate like this”. Maybe they will draft him to be the head. Ya think? But you said Catholic religion can change Buddhists, Muslims, Jew, Hindus, Christians………………..they can’t and they won’t. So, now what are you saying. It won’t be under the banner of the Catholic church. My guess- Francis as Head of the Church of Peace or Church of Creation/Creator or Church of Mother Earth . If you use that last one, you can bring in all the Global Warming, environmentalist masses who will sign on to Save Mother. How can anyone be opposed to fixing the Earth that people have sullied.

By the way, each religion has its own weekly meetings to bring together that religion and on how to have common ground with all the others. The push for this is massive, the funding- a black hole of cash, social support. Don’t misunderstand, there will be many good, sincere people supporting this and some not so great. Who isn’t tired of religious wars. Those opposing this church will need to be reeled in- they most certainly will.


Oh, I know how this will work into one church – Find common ground, sign everybody up representing all religions on Earth; then, as a single body, start legislating rules. “C’mon everybody, lets be reasonable; we need to give up some selfish ideas in the spirit of interfaithism. Dissenters will eventually be ostracized or not licensed to practice their religion. . Then this “CHURCH”, Mystery, Babylon the Great ……will be asked to pursue all those heretics who won’t even join for PEACE, LOVE OF EARTH, etc. Those  need to be remediated. When this church gets power, it will have backing of the state, and of course the state will have her loyalty and they both love the Dragon. HER NAME IS COMBO OF CHURCH AND STATE- MYSTERY BABYLON  and  BABYLON THE GREAT-   or MYSTERY, BABYLON THE GREAT, MOTHER OF HARLOTS AND ABOMINATIONS OF THE EARTH.

So what will they have common ground to believe in- “Oh, love, harmony, peace, good will, yada, yada, yada …..and BABYLON THE GREAT, WHATEVER THEIR “CHURCH LOOKS LIKE” AND ————–DRUM ROLL…….. RED DRAGON, SATAN, ZEUS, APOLLO, BABYLON THE GREAT (AND ITS TEN HORNS).

The first  church/state,  world government, of all the world’s people totally united as one, was created by Nimrod (son of Cush, grandson of Ham, great grandson of Noah), disbanded by God (the deadly wound), reappears/resurrects this “one mind” world church/state system as our Scarlet Beast (Rev 17:1-18); the first manifestation of the 7 head, 10 horns beast (Rev 13:1-10) arises just as Babylon the Great and comes from the sea.  The church is still on its own.  The ten horns kings of the Rev 13:1-10 Sea Beast, who in John’s time, had no kingdom, now have a suprastate for each horn (now those are huge kingdoms).

The NWO is Babylon the Great, but we still don’t have “Mystery, Babylon the Great, Mother of Harlots and Abominations of This World.  The ten horns have all been established for 20 years and are behind all the international trade agreements like TPP, GATT, Agenda 21, Agenda 2030, Global Warming Treaty, etc. These economic and environmental laws will take all freedoms away. What you will be allowed to do with and on your property will be strictly enforced with severe penalties. Look at how armed all the environmental enforcers are. Many of these laws are also forced down on state and local government level. These levels of government have to comply with rules and laws made by unelected, unrepresentative bureaucrats; something the forefathers detested. Taxation without representation. Have you seen the arrests for collecting rainwater from one man’s own roof? This is commie garbage. These arrests constitute breaking of our Constitution and Bill of Rights. Will anybody fix it? This oppression is what the Globalists want. There are tens of thousands of these petty, ridiculous regulations – how much water you can take from your own well, what you are allowed to plant, if and when you can barbeque, when you can use firewood to heat homes,  what areas of your own property you are allowed to use. NWO wants to herd most people out of rural areas into megalopolis’.

The 10 division suprastates are partially operating, but the borders are being tweaked to adjust for any changes. What suprastate are we in – do you remember NAFTA or North American Free Trade Agreement composed of Canada, USA, Mexico, and now Central America and the Caribbean Islands. If you wondered why Mexicans and Central Americans are pouring past our borders and will continue to do so, it is because the USA, Canada, Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean Islands are part of one Supracountry called NAFTA and free movement between once called countries will be encouraged to equalize all peoples to what the bureaucrats call, sustainable levels. Translation – poor as dirt like third world countries. This also clearly explains our rapprochement with Castro’s Cuba when both the US and Cuba were “nudged” together. Why weren’t they “nudged” together when NAFTA was established in 1993,4? – Because recently, the Caribbean Islands were removed from Mercusor (Union of South American Nations) or USAN, the South American Suprastate, and added to NAFTA. That means more poor people will be added to NAFTA to “EQUALIZE”, and all at a sustainable level. Mercosur is also called UNASUR (Spanish), UNASUL (Portuguese) and established by 1991 Treaty of Asuncion. Here are the benefits of the NWO – we get to be buds with that wretch, Castro and share our wealth with the poorest,  less educated Latin Americans. The rich, educated Latin Americans don’t want to take care of them at all, so they are forcing them on us. Let’s all puke about sanctuary cities. I spent hours on the Web, found the president of Mercosur, but NAFTA’s president or chief officer is not found and may not exist yet.

Great images of Mercusor (USAN) identiy and how deeply it is entrenched in the lives of South Americans. NAFTA is even deeper.

EU’s President? Anybody hear of any of these dudes? ⦁ Don Tusk (since 12/2014) ⦁ President of the European Council ⦁ Jean-Claude Junker (since 11/2014) ⦁ President of the European Commission ⦁ One of EU nations (since 7/2015) ⦁ Presidency of the Council of the European Union ⦁ Martin Schultz (since 7/2014) ⦁ President of the European Parliament

WTO membership

International Laws established by IGO’s (Int’l Govern Organizations) link

International law and control theories and discussions

World taxes without representation for income redistribution- bet taxes are paid just by public and no billionaires.

One of the horns each rule one of the kingdoms of  1. Europe;  2. North America + Central America + Caribbean; 3. Russia;  4. China;  5. Japan; 6.Australia + New Zealand + South Africa;  7. Northern Africa & Middle East; 8.  the rest of Africa; 9. South America;  10. India + SE Asia + SE Asian Islands. These boundaries have not been completely finalized and areas of earth are moved from one kingdom to another. These divisions have been in the planning since at least 1941

Great MAP of NWO

In 1968, the Club of Rome set up the above proposal map. Borders have been readjusted numerous times an are not completely fixed. Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean have been moved to the North American grouping, part of NAFTA and that is why immigrants from Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean pour into the US and we all of a sudden have rapprochement with Castro’s Cuba. Eastern Europe has been removed from Russian Federation and is now part of European Union.

The NWO is Babylon the Great.  When the Scarlet Beast Rises from the Bottomless Pit  and the Woman is Riding on it, we have the exact, but bigger copy of the original Nimrod church/state.  It is then renamed as Mystery, Babylon the Great, Mother of Harlots and Abominations of the Earth.

Great images of Mercusor (USAN) identiy and how deeply it is entrenched in the lives of South Americans. NAFTA is even deeper.

The deadly wound was healed, with the 10 horns established giving strength to the beast; the 10 horns will rule this beast by proxy for the Red Dragon beast. Interlinking international economic treaties are bringing the world under one system – WTO, GATT, G8, G20, UN, BRICS, Agenda 21, Agenda 2030 are linking the world economically. Political, military, social alliances are linking the world into one as  well.  The Sea Beast (NWO) of Rev 13:1-10 reemerges as the Scarlet Beast of Rev 17 and finally becomes the 8 horn, Apollo/god Beast of Dan 7:8-28. All three beasts represent the NWO world government beast, but the scarlet beast  will have a power sharing arrangement with the whore. Of course, they all worship the Red Dragon because he gives them his power, authority and throne. Once the Rev 13 Sea Beast  is fully established, it will rule 3 1/2 years=42 months=1260 days and reappears as the Scarlet Beast.  The beasts just don’t show up fully developed because it takes time to implement changes needed to morph into the next beast. It took 3 1/2 years for Sea Beast  to become Scarlet Beast and it will take another 3 1/2 years to reach the death of 8 horned Apollo/god Beast..

The Sea Beast (Rev 13) is ruled by the 10 horned NWO kingdom under “guidance” of the dragon, who is still in hiding. The scarlet beast has a power sharing arrangement with the whore and the dragon. The whore is brought down, by the 10 horns  and power is shared between the 10 horn NWO beast and dragon (Apollo is now head of the dragon. Finally, Apollo subdues the most threatening horns and rules alone, claiming himself to be God.—————————————-

The NWO runs this world as proxies for the Big Red Dragon subtly for now



Here is the scariest thing to digest: people in governments of the world have been taking orders from Satan/Apollo/Red Dragon Beast since the first church/state world government was established by Nimrod in Babylon. The Big Red Dragon has been known as Satan, Fallen Angels, the Watchers, Anunaki, aliens w/evil agendas, those who left their first estate, Grigori, and 1/3 of the Host of Heaven. Christians have accepted statements like “Satan is the god of this world”, “prince of the power of the air” or the fact that Satan offered Yashua “all the Kingdoms of the world” (and Yashua did not say that the offer was another of the devil’s lies) as spiritual only.  Rethink your beliefs.

Nice study on Jewish concepts on angels

Former CIA Operative Reveals That ET Walks Among Us

Apollo has always found people who wanted power/wealth to accept his orders and worship him for it. They couldn’t fight him even if they wanted to – the consequences for them and even humanity would be devastating. These fallen angels/evil aliens have technology perhaps millions of years ahead of us. We have literally been governed by proxy of human representatives. When Apollo rises from the pit, the fact of Alien/Satanic/Greek god/Red Dragon rulership will be revealed to all mankind. Can you imagine the panic that would ensue with the revelation that we are a thoroughly conquered species. That is why there is a massive UFO cover up and of angel/alien power over us. Perhaps, they are right to do so. Apollo/Aliens will finally be revealed physically to mankind as saviors (rulers) and the UFO controversy will be exposed. Apollo will take total control from the NWO boys, eliminate them and claim to be God (Isaiah 14:12). Some claim that Isaiah, in that passage,was talking about Babylon’s conquest by the Persians, but it can’t be them, because Nebucadnezar’s Babylon was not destroyed. It was barely damaged- the Persians dammed a river which flowed through Babylon, went under the gate and killed the soldiers and drunken royalty without a fight. This quote refers to end times and Apollo.

Caveat- Lucifer is a title which means “light bringer” , “enlightened one” or “all about me kind of guy”. Anyone can be a Lucifer who thinks he is enlightened.