Antichrist’s name is Apollo, Zeus is Satan, Ten Horns of Rev Sea Beast Have Been Here Since 90’s – 4


Present History and Future Timeline (5000 years after Noah’s flood)


What?, What? What?- yes, 5. Let me show you. Please comment if you don’t agree and why not? Seems clear to me now. Read how I struggled to put it together in another post. It might even help you agree or disagree and my thinking. Read more carefully and let’s count them together.

I shall call Beast 1- The Red Dragon (Rev 12:1-17)
I shall call Beast 2- Babylon the Great, Sea Beast or NWO beast (Rev 13:1-10)
I shall call Beast 3- Lamb/Dragon 2-horned Beast from the land (Rev 13:11-18)
I shall call Beast 4 – Scarlet Beast (Rev 17:1-18)
I shall call Beast 5- god Apollo Beast (Dan 7:8-26), little, stout horn (overcomes 3 from Scarlet Beast, so he has to come after) Most try to lump him in but he is totally different and now 8 horns exist to fight end time against his enemy (Angels or good space beings, Yashua)

(not Pope-why so much Pope everything- I think his role is not critical, but let me qualify later. Definitely the source of greatest Bible misinterpretation).

Great Red Dragon – Satan’s Domain
Red Dragon 7 heads, 10 horns, 7 crowns

Beast 1 (Rev 12:3) is a great red dragon with 7 heads, 10 horns and 7 crowns on his heads. The red dragon took 1/3 of hosts of heaven (angels) with him ( who become known as Fallen Angels, Watchers, bad alien groups, Anunaki, Ahriman, Grigori, Nagas, Lung; some of the thousands of names worldwide for the same entities). The head is known as Satan, Zeus, Lucifer or the Devil, and worshipped as sun god in the MYSTERY RELIGIONS ESTABLISHED BY NIMROD/SEMIRAMIS OF BABYLON AND WORSHIPED UNDER OTHER NAMES BY COMPETING CULTURES. Satan has been directing all world governments but losing his war against his enemy (hosts of heaven, angels, good aliens, YHWH and Yashua). The Red Dragon will be crushed along with his earthly allies during Apollo’s self appointed godship and sullying Yashua’s throne.

The Dragon gave Babylon the Great its power, seat and authority and all earthlings worshiped Babylon the Great and the Red Dragon. We aren’t fully there yet. The thing to notice is that the Red Dragon (Rev17) has 7 heads and 10 horns exactly like Babylon the Great Beast (Rev 13). They all have 7 heads because these are the 7 world empires being directed by each of the 7 dragon heads throughout history. They all have 10 horns because each dragon horn administers one of the Earth Beast’s horn during the end of the age. Babylon the Great turns or is red (like the Dragon) and loses its crowns when it morphs into the Scarlet Beast indicating increasing control of the Dragon over the earth’s leadership. Are there any crowns on any on this scarlet beasty? No. No crowns says something. Bet you have that one already. Who still has crowns? How many?

Babylon the Great (resurrected Babylon) – NWO 10 Suprastates
(Rev 13:1-10)

After 5000 years, the Babylonian church/state world government system is soon to be resurrected in the Scarlet Beast. Nimrod’s Babylonian head wound is healed with the rise of the 7 head, 10 horn w/crowns, uncolored Babylon the Great Beast (Rev 13:1-10) of the NWO state world government of the whole world’s people. This resurrected huge version, in its first manifestation was just “Babylon” created by Nimrod (son of Cush, grandson of Ham, great grandson of Noah and perhaps a Nephilim – a Satanic human hybrid). Just perhaps (read both arguments and I favor “NOT”). He tried to build the Tower of Babel, to worship Satan;he had the last world government of ALL the world’s people who were “all of one mind” (united in purpose); his worker’s languages were confused by Yashua and the Tower was abandoned and the people scattered. Anybody else have a worldwide kingdom of ALL men? If you believe the Bible, this scattering occured and man has now put it all back in the NWO.

The dispersion of the workforce and Nimrod’s death caused the deadly wound – his creation of Babylonian church/state world government with ALL world’s people died, not to be realized until 5000 years later. Babylon is considered as the head wounded unto death. When it rises as Babylon the Great, it becomes the 1st head resurrected (of our 7 headed beast); it is just a huge copy of the 1st head, so it is called the 7th head (replacing 1st), even though it is technically the 8h head. Satan the Red Dragon Beast and the woman (world religions) have been trying to ressurect the beast for 5 millenia. Many Empires tried to resurrect the original Babylon unsuccessfully. And of course, they all worshiped Zeus/Sat/Apollo/Antichrist who tried to help them in their endeavors through the Mystery religion, changing names many times as the Mother/Son religion spread everywhere.

Babylon rhe Great (Rev 13:1) is a non-scarlet (Lion-bear-leopard beast because the last beast arose from them; each beast was explained by Daniel- I address in another chapter) riderless world government beast from the sea, having 7 heads, 10 horns and 10 crowns on his horns; Babylon the Great got its seat, power and great authority from the Red Dragon for 42 months, 1260 days or 3 1/2 years after the head with the deadly wound was healed in (Rev 13:2-4). The wound was healed when a world government Babylonian system (world subdivided into 10 superstates , but deceivingly called “economic zones” (like NAFTA) was established following a Club of Rome (Roman) recommendation and its implementation with the help of the Lamblike Dragon.

The 10 horns (kings) rule as proxies of the Dragon beast who gave them his strength, authority and seat. They are assembled and developed superstates with International economic treaties through world groups bringing the world under one system – WTO, GATT, G8, G20, UN, BRICS, Agenda 21, Agenda 2030, to name a few, and are linking the world economically; computers and communication systems allow instantaneous connection with any person having similar equipment. In many ways the world is smaller than in Nimrod’s time. Babylon the Great is ruled by proxy through humans. No one can challenge the NWO, and the NWO can’t challenge the Red Dragon. Although economic/military/social treaties have always been with man, the level of control is much greater. Read another post about who is to blame for this continued centraluzation- its everyone who wants progress, higher tech and greater need for control.. Welcome to the club!

Earthlings worshipped both Red Dragon and Babylon the Great and they made war with the non-worshipers who would not submit to its authority. After 3 1/2 years the Abomination of Desolation (devastation/ruin/destruction) appears (who could that be?). Who is the Destroyer, who makes everything desolate? Why its Apollo, who just climbs out of the pit with the Scarlet Beast and grasshoppers (Apollo’s bug in mythology). Who should be standing in the Holy Place? Yashua. Who claims to be the “savior”and creator? – Antichrist/Apollo. I will address this later..

Lamb/Dragon – USA and England – Two Horned Beast
(Rev 13:11)

The Lamb/Dragon (Rev 13:11-18) is a two horned beast from land who pretended (looked) to be Christian but spoke as a dragon (acted like Satan) and was as powerful as Babylon the Great. This beast is able to shoot fire from heaven and causes earthlings to make an animated image of Babylon the Great so it could speak and cause all non-worshipers to be killed. He forces all earthlings to receive a mark of NWO authority in their hand or forehead if they want to participate in the global economy. Remember that a prophet by Bible definition just means a spokesperson or mouthpiece that may or may not see the future. The Lamblike Dragon is also called the False Prophet (Rev 19:20) because he is the mouthpiece for the Red Dragon and NWO promoting their agenda, deceiving and coercing the world into accepting the NWO. USA & British Empires are the two horns of this beast and are at the forefront of this effort to establish the NWO and have been pursuing this agenda for over 100 years through many elitist groups such as the Rhodes, Masonic and other groups. They have been funding, writing laws, convincing others, funding and creating wars, to push the world into this NWO, while giving lip service to national sovereignty and pretending to be friends of democracy, but wanting absolute control for world hegemony as instructed by Satan’s Red Dragon and their own self interest. The Lamblike Beast and Babylon the Great have equal power because they both are led covertly by Red Dragom, and agree to accept his dominion and want the benefits promised from world government . Worldwide, power structures continue to consolidate and centralize the surveillance state everywhere.

They (USA and British Empire) have reserved cushy spots for themselves in this NWO. Let’s see what Russia with China can do. The Anglo’s and allies are the most powerful block of nations economically, militarily, politically and, until recently, forced ALL nations to accept US dollars for ALL world trades made. You still must use dollars to buy shoes from Venezuela, stuff from China, oil from OPEC and almost every other nation even are Burundi, The Russians or anyone else. This may soon change as the BRICS (still not implemented) launch their proposed competing monetary system. BRICS stands for B-razil, R-ussia, I- India, C- hina, and S-outh Africa who all plan to use a partially gold-backed remnibi (yuan). The world wants the luxuries the West promises for implementing the Anglo vision of this world government. The BRICS support this push for NWO but have a Sino/Russian version of it. Personally I believe both sides are preparing for war at all levels while both continuing with NWO integration. I do find it disturbing that Russia, China and even Japan have their countries as separate suprastatesin themselves , but the world’s most powerful military/economy is mixed with loser Spanish speaking states. Why? Takedown?

No good outcomes exist to stop this power by an oligarchy, maybe just a choice of Anglo/European and allies version or BRICS and allies version. It is even likely that these Anglo vs BRICS are merely hand puppets with Apollo having one hand up each of their posteriors. Global agenda calls for population reduction to 500,000,000 from 7 Billion (sounds like a lot of dying required). Some good rumors on population reduction – Chinese secret society (claimed to have been started near year 1) now with 6 million members, including 1.8 million Asian gangsters and 100,000 professional assassins, have warned that they have targeted Illuminati members with assasins (claimed to be following each Illuminatti) if they proceed with world depopulation plans, according to Tokyo-based journalist Benjamin Fulford, 46. True or not? No idea, but it makes sense. If you are taking out 6.5 billion people, the majority will be Asians and Indians (India).
Africa (All)= North+South America+Australia+Greenland= 1 billion people. India has 1.2 billion, China has 1.35 billion. China + India + Korea, Japan, SE Asia, SE Asian Islands have 3 1/2 billion of the 7 billion people of Earth.

My best guess is that the war alluded to in Ezekial 38 and 39 (the Gog/Magog war) will resolve this conflict as well as reduce populations, cause diseases, starvation and force people into submission to NWO for their very survival. We will have world government either way. Any resistance by nations will warrant punishment by both blocks. If the Anglo block and the BRICS block were to attempt to stop this drive to world government, which they will never want to, they and humanity everywhere would be severly punished by the Red Dragon beast, who no one on this planet can defy. The dragon will continue to be overlord. Nice, today, Nov 1, 2015 we have article saying Putin is moving nukes in for use in Syria and it is been told to NATO. Do I smell cover-up? Or a disinfo story.

The first horn of the Lamblike Dragon was established ethnically in 1066, when the Normans conquered the Angles and Saxons who lived in England for hundreds of years. The second horn of beast #3 was birthed by the first horn, but became supposedly independent in 1776 and was called the United States of America. They both profess to be Christian nations, but their dragon nature has led each one to be the super Empire


Beast #4 (with a woman rider) and Apollo (means destroyer) rise out of the bottomless pit after a star (fallen angel – Zeus/Satan?) is cast to the Earth with keys to unlock it. The lambdragon and the woman help the Sea Beast to become the Scarlet Beast (Rev 17) – a scarlet world government beast having 7 heads, 10 horns (no crowns) and ridden by a woman; she was arrayed in purple and scarlet holding a golden chalice decked with precious stones and pearls and gets non-worshipers to submit to Scarlet Beast authority; she is eventually driven mad along with worshipers from the slaughter and bloodletting of non-worshipers. She had a name on her forehead “MYSTERY BABYLON THE GREAT, MOTHER OF HARLOTS AND ABOMINATIONS OF THE EARTH. Apollo is the Antichrist and sun god as well as the son of Zeus/Satan. The Apollo (Rev 9:11) led beast rules lockstep with the 10 horns who are of one mind (kings of NWO subdivided world) who hate the woman and burn her with fire when she outlives her usefullness and human rulers want the worship of all men for themselves. Apollo and the Watchers reveal themselves to mankind as the rulers of Earth behind the smokescreen of human controlled governments since man rebelled in Garden of Eden. The kings rule with Beast #4 and assist with the war effort of this beast against its enemy (Yashua/YHWH with the hosts of heaven [ Angels] good aliens). The beast is scarlet because it is ruled by the red dragon, and because socialists choose the color of blood to represent their rule and the NWO will be socialist in form (think Soviet , Red Chinese and NAZI flags). A Babylonian world government system existed at one time, was not present when John penned the book of revealing (fatally wounded when YHVH (YHWH) or Yashua confounded human languages and scattered humans around the world into nations, so they could no longer be of one-mind and devise evil constantly).


Beast #5 (Daniel 7:8) is the last Satanically inspired world government beast to rise and has 7 heads, 10 horns, and crowns removed as Apollo (represented by a little but stout horn with eyes of a man and a mouth who slanders Heaven, God, and His throne) subdues 3 of the 10 horns (Dan 8:19-25) when they rebel against him and red dragon beast #1. The horns rebel because Apollo and Satan refuse to consult with them any more, and denies them worship from humanity. Why does Satan screw his own? – because he always does- he is a liar, who promises everything and always delivers nothing. Then he laughs at the fools that believed him and enjoys the suffering of all. After replacing the 3 horns/kings he reveals himself and his father to earthlings as rulers of this planet and requires all humans/aliens/Watchers to worship them only. So the NWO crowd will get their comupance. At the Battle of Armageddon, the Red dragon beast with his human army alongside, will be smashed by Yashua and the good aliens, Host of heaven, good angeles. Satan, Antichrist and the Sea Beast (Babylon the Great) will be put into the bottomless pit for 1000 years and Yashua and His Chosen will rule and reign for that 1000 years on Earth (Dan 8:26)..