Antichrist’s name is Apollo, Zeus is Satan, Ten Horns of Rev Sea Beast Have Been Here Since 90’s – 5

Early attempts to establish world government (and church/state system)

  1. The Red Dragon Beast #1 assumes power over mankind after Adam/Eve fall
  2. Nimrod, as head of the first church/state world government rebels against God, builds Tower of Babel to reach into heaven, so that the whole world would worship Satan through Sun, Moon and Star worship. He claims to be the sun god (Zeus/Satan incarnate), his wife and mother (yes, it’ s mom) to be moon goddess and the world to worship them. God confuses the languages, scatters the people and foils the construction of the Tower and world government of man (deadly wound). Babylonian church-state kings took title- Pontifex Maximus, later worn by Pagan Roman Emperors, then Popes.
  3. The Zeus sun god, Queen of Heaven/moon goddess/Semiramis goddess and their son Tammuz (reincarnated sun god) Babylonian religion is adopted, with slight variations, by most cultures (including Egypt, Persia, Greece, Pagan Rome, Papal Rome, Protestant Christianity) with different names for trio.

Tammuz (name of son of Nimrod) is also Apollo(in both Greek and Roman) and is the son of Zeus. I will call this character Apollo (Bible names him) and he will be the antichrist.

Semiramis is the queen of heaven and whatever female deity people pray to and many female characters of Greek/Roman pantheons. She is the model for Isis, Libertas, Victoria, Columbia,

  1. The Babylonian empire is conquered and replaced by the Persian Empire; Greeks conquer and replace the Persian Empire and divide into 4 seperate kingdoms; the Romans conquer the 4 Greek kingdoms; Jesus crucified about 33 AD; Rome destroys Solomon’s Temple in Jerusalem and scatters surviving Jews in 70 AD ; Romans begins serious persecution of Christians and Jews; Roman Empire is divided into two legs (East -West) in 285 AD and capital moved from Rome to Constantinople in 324 AD.
  2. Christianity was decriminalized in 313, legalized in 321, merged with babylonian mother/son religion under title of christianity in 324; Council of Nicea convened in 325 to flesh out hybrid religion; hybrid Christianity adopted as state religion in 380 and Emperors drop title Pontifex Maximus- a title originally used by church-state kings of Babylon; made all non christian practices illegal in 393 ; first pope to take the Babylonian church/state leader title was Roman Bishop Damascus elected as Pontifex Maximus in 378. .

Pagan holidays with christian veneer were accepted by Roman government and 53 pagan practices accepted by church. Commandment #2 was removed from hybrid christianity; the other commandments are numbered by their original number less one; Commandment 10 was divided into two, so that the Papacy can still have 10 commandments. King James Bible lists Commandment 10 as “do not covet”. Catholic commandment 9- “no coveting neighbors wife” and #10 – “not to covet neighbors house”; Second Commandment

Thou shalt not make unto thee any graven image, or any likeness above, or that is in the earth beneath, or that is in the water under the earth. Thou shalt not bow down thyself to them, nor serve them.

This commandment had to be removed because statues, images, paintings and relics were brought in to the church for veneration by all. The venerated statue of Peter, whose toe has been worn off by kisses (made of rock) was originally located in a pagan church and was an image of Jupiter. Sabbath worship moved to venerable day of the sun (on which Romans had been worshiping Mythra).

I was personally curious why the Popes shieid has a dragon with wings on it.

Orthodox try a clever trick to get around the “no image ” prohibition by claiming that the Icons (paintings) are handwritten and not painted. What? What? What? I guess their head (called Metropolitan, not Pope) is also infallible. Protestants have accepted pagan holidays like Christmas, Easter, Valentines day and also accepted the move of the day of worship and they claim “the Bible” alone dogma, but “interpret” what was not instructed, or stated anywhere, in a convulated explanation for worshiping on the sun’s day. You don’t have to agree, but show me where in the Bible the day was the day of rest moved. Forget the “well there is an example of apostles worshiping on Sunday (they worshiped every day and tried to gather on Sabbath. They were all Jews and Sabbath breaking was a serious offence. The other excuse I hear- We changed the Sabbath to Sunday to honor the day Yashua ressureccted. Your choice. I claim everybody (including popes) is totally fallible; to think otherwise is contrary to reality. I believe there are many errors in the Bible as well, but its message is correct. For crying out loud, do you really believe a Roman Emperor had a conversion and accepted Yashua as Messiah? He ordered the Bible be put together. Sorry, Roman emperors who kill their son and wife and other despicable acts are never to be believed. Everything he is involved in should be viewed with suspicion. He wasn’t even baptised until his deathbed 40 years later.

  1. Justinian’s General (from Byzantium) conquers barbarians and establishes Popery as head of all hybrid Christianity and Political/religious ruler of Western Roman Empire in 538 AD and even seems to submit to the Pope’s authority himself, as emperor of Eastern Roman Empire called Byzantium.

Napoleon conquers the Vatican, arrests and jails the pope,then set out to dismantle hybrid Christianity and create a “new docile religion”’(‘Chamber’s Encyclopedia). Napoleon abolished both the vile Inquisition and the ‘Index of Prohibited Books’, and established a new Catholic creed and a new Christian calendar. Year One started in 1792. Napoleon confiscates holdings, abolishes Papal Primacy and enacts Napoleonic codes (laws) to eliminate Papal authority ( 1798).

  1. Pope was back in power by 1814, returned to Rome, restored the Jesuit order (papal CIA), brought back the vial Inquisition and Index of Prohibited Books, established guide-lines to expand and develop a new Sacred Congregation of Propaganda. He condemned Protestant Bible Societies and Freemasonry. As a personal vendetta, he ordered the Inquisition to take revenge on the people in Paris. Infallible?- me thinks not.


8.. The Papacy never regained her primacy. That is the primary source of her power and she has been desperately fighting to get it back. The Papacy is making a great effort to get primacy back recently by a big push to unite world’s religion under her leadership. The pope is trying to be a rock star and is trying to shed humanity’s memory of her previous persecutions so that she will regain her authority. That is why she always calls herself mother and other Christian churches as daughters. Her game is to get other church groups to agree to reunite at some level and leave disputed subjects alone. But when they submit to Rome, she and the 10 horns require their modification of doctorine to fit her infallible wisdom in all matters. Once she receives this endorsement, she will return to being the persecuting church in a manner similar to the Inquisition period and will be supported by the NWO. According to the Vatican, it is not just her right to rule everything, including the NWO, it is her god given duty.

The adventists believe in a 1260 year prophecy in the Bible which actually fits the pope. Worth a deeper investigation. While Adventists hate the pope and believe he is the antichrist. The reason I spent so much time about the Roman Church is because everyone believes she has a big end-time role. Is she the Anti-Christ? Apollo is the Antchrist. Catholicism is just a part of the whore riding the beast with pope as leader (maybe).

CATHOLIC VERSION OF THE HORROR OF NAPOLEOS’S ACTIONS AGAINST THE HOLY SEE- wow, and Napoleon was evil for disbanding the Inquisition. How will the church ever save the heretical souls without torture. The link below is laughable.