Gee, No New World Order Yet?

Bill Gates says only mega-rich can solve climate change)( see address below). Can they do it on their dime? Dumb question- of course they can, but will they? What a great opportunity to introduce world taxes so each of us can pay our “fair” share for false climate change garbage. Get ready for taxation with NO representation and NO recourse or redress. Why, you or even congress aren’t allowed to see the terms of laws we will have to follow because they are so outrageous (TPP is one example). Forget climate change, fix Fukushima and the Pacific Ocean. They won’t even own up to it. Ocean die-offs in California of birds, fish, clams, crabs and the stories read “biologists puzzled as to cause of die-offs, but climate change is the suspect”. Riiiiggghhtt! Are you buying this, and why is there a muzzle on the meteorologists? What are weathermen not allowed to say- climate baloney is fraud.

Wow! I better do something. I’m getting frightened of the great catastrophes that will be caused by Global Warming; or is it Global Cooling? Nuclear Winter? Climate Change? or is it 3 years of Global Warming followed by 3 years of Global Cooling ; or is it 6 years of Global Cooling followed by 6 years of Global Warming followed by 6 years of Normal Weather? and this might be real -Global Weather modification by countries and NWO.

The point of this website is proven by the next four links (two further down). The UN implementation wouldn’t be farmed out to the USA, would it? Is that the beasty’s number? Global Supreme Court? World government at work.

Believe it yet? Here is a story on International Tribunal to Administer NWO Climate Change garbage without Congressional approval. No world government? Can you read and understand what you read? Unbelievers, I guess I’ll never convince you until International Shutzstaffle (SS) or Gestsapo comes to your door to DISCUSS your wood burning fireplace and your barbecue grill and point out how you are harming starving children in Biafra (does it still exist?). I know SF Bay Area has “restricted fireplace burning days” and “burn days” (when you can burn leaves) while whole forests are being burned down in Indonesia, Brazil, others, and one volcano eruption produces more pollution than how many fireplaces? Or how many fireplaces put out as much pollution as an airliner? See, they want to stop your life, not big business’ or theirs. Climate control is just people control and that means you. The enforcers will just sing “I don’t write the laws, just enforce them. Go to ????????????666??????????? and change them if you don’t like them”. Sustainable development should be seen as subsistence living and it will be.\

Well, is there formalized world government? I assert it has been here since the 90’s in a formalized 10 supranation amalgams of countries; the 10 use International organizations of all kinds (including banking, environmental groups, World Banking, Militaries, everything at hand;) to surreptitiously control the world through regulations and treaties, which the individual citizens have no input, no elections, no redress, no choice but to obey because our “real” countries don’t exist as sovereign states any more.  They still have power, but  transferring to NWO fast.   Federal, state and local governments enforcers these International rules and regulations and if you break them you pay fines or do time. US officials say “Oh, but that’s negotiated by businesses and they know what they need, we just pass the laws here in this free, sovereign country”. Most of the officials just follow orders as the leadership of USA smiles and pretends that they are in full control. Recently, Obamadinijaad passed TPP and even the congress can’t look at it for more than a few hours, let alone consider if it is good for the US citizens. And what about the “off-book parts” of the Iran nuclear treaty; the sell out of Israel, Saudi and others that somewhat support us, to be friends of the real Almadinijaad; being a “twelver” and probably waiting for Mahdi to emerge from the well. It  is the miracle the Moslem world waits for and, it will be a miracle to see him come out of the well after vanishing down it in Jamkaran, Iran in  941. ..  And he emerges as the “sun”. Wow. Will he be a 1074 year old man? . The words below are lifted word for word from Michael Evan article of World Net Daily of 5/5/2006. Good article, Michael Evans and great work World Net Daily – I keep them bookmarked. I also check WND daily for news I don’t get otherwise. Well, I guess it might be  required to use Islam to usher in the NWO.  To start a war (maybe they should start a Muslims Only movement and try to create a Caliphate-  oh yeah- ISIS, Al Qaeda, Al Nusra).  Doesn’t change anything but raises their savagery level, daily. Itching to use their scimitar here and there.

Ahmadinejad is a Shia Muslim. They believe that the Twelfth Imam, or Mahdi, the last in a line of saints descended from Ali, the founder of their sect, vanished down a well near Jamkaran, Iran, in A.D. 941. According to their beliefs, he went into a state of “occultation,” like the sun being hidden behind the clouds; and, after a stormy period of apocalyptic wars, the clouds will part, and the “sun” (the Mahdi) will be revealed. They believe that when he is released from his imprisonment, the entire world will submit to Islam..HE IS A MAN, SO ANTICHRIST HE IS NOT

Isn’t the LFC Collider with Shiva statue in Geneva where people are believing that the collider may be the key to open the bottomless pit – to release the Antichrist? I wonder who drew up the plans for building a 17 mile circumference ring collider (think 17 mile marathon in a huge circle and what a jaunt that would be). Hmmm. Circumference is equal to Pi times diameter, so this ring is 17 miles divided by 3.14 to get 5 miles across . If my math is right, that is pretty big. Must have been smart scientists who figured out how to design and build it without ANY help, huh ???666??? I’m sorry, I really am a bad typist. Every time I try to hit the ???666??? (again; oh, sorry) keyboard, my finger slips and catches the #6 key right next to the question mark. Nudge, nudge.. I guess all those “always” 3 -6’s are easy for anybody to accidentally make”. People really should pray to whoever can “Save” them. If there is Anybody, and it isn’t after or all fulfilled. Apollo???66??? I hope that if this ever happens, people don’t get scared being beamed up into a huge saucer-like craft because angels are in chariots of fire. If the rapture is true, this is probably how it would happen. You would hear a sound like continuous thunder at a distance for hours. You might not even notice it for hours because rumbling thunder is common in many places. And I am talking continuous. When it finally nears you, you will hear a blue tone. How can a tone be blue? Bet it will be; play along,  I can’t explain. Only the chosen will hear the tone, while everyone will hear the rumble. As the rumbling gets louder, so does the blue tone; just relax and wait, or take time to convince your loved ones to get with the right side. This will all take time- you can’t vacuum people that fast. Vacuum? Well, kind of- your shell isn’t coming, so when the tone, that is seeking you out finds you, you will separate from the shell and in a wispy cloud form, you will pass through any object and be sucked into the collector. Don’t ask what it is- I have no clue. The world’s militaries will just watch as many of these craft fly around the earth collecting people. May be traveling at a slow 25 miles per hour and just hovering over cities until all are picked up. The militaries of the world will watch with amazement and do nothing – they can’t compete, even if dragon boy and friends are here. They will just observe because of orders. From who? Can’t say. How do I know all this? Let’s leave it at just a guess.

Who cares about what the sheeple want, the Internationalist cabal wants what is being passed. Who are they listening to? Who is in charge of this takedown of humanity? The proxies still make some decisions, but major decisions are made by — Red Dragon Federation of planets? galaxies? I don’t know what the extent of their kingdom is. Does it even extend outside of time? Are there parallel universes? The answers to those questions are intriguing, but knowing the answers will have no effect on us since we can’t even overcome our proxy leadership, to think of resisting beings of a Red Dragon Federation is futile. The Red Dragon may be part of a larger group or even have allies. I know he has enemies and we (through our proxies) have signed on under the Dragon.

Putting the Bible and secular reality into one? Hey, I’m just floating that out there. Is there a better explanation for things. If you say, “men are doing this to other men to try to become Gods”; I do concur with that reality, but what about UFOs? I don’t claim that the Christian theological concepts are enough to explain life, but work for me. If you don’t believe them, it makes no difference. There IS an alien presence and you can call it “the Local Bad Guy Aliens” or the Pleiadians, or your name of choice. I pick the dragon because so many primitive cultures worshipped and believe in a dragon, fiery serpent, plumed serpent, etc. Red? because they are ultimate socialists (socialist flag colors are red on this planet- Nazi, USSR, PRC) and what I mean by that is “they want ALL the control and know better how you should live “. I’m not saying that there is a political party of Alien socialists, but controlling everything and everybody, and probably every planet or galaxy is their game. Socialism, at its core is “someone’s control of some aspect of another’s life and of the things around us.  We have always had international treaties to conduct trade, behavior of nations,  rules of military engagement, ways to settle disputes, etc.  The world has just never been this small and they didn’t have their minds, hands and cameras focused on the individual.

If we are not speculating about off-planet beings and blaming other men; you need some socialism though – we need other people to make decisions for us all day so we don’t have to or even know how. Like- how much water to let out of a dam so that local communities have enough water for the year while maximizing electrical generation. We need CDC type organizations, people to make decisions about environmental damage, people making sure you have retirement funds, when to build a bridge, and many aspects affecting our daily lives. We want faster computers, phones, everything.  To have “everything”, you need technology, people to invest in research, training, implementation and the bureaucracies to run it.  Without bureaucracy of some kind, life can’t exist except at a deindustrialized level. The problem is, people run the system and most will make self-benefitting choices rather than people benefitting choices. But perfect “administration” will never happen. Once the bad guys get into power (all of them part of the “WE” at one time) they invariably put self-interest ahead of public good. The accompanying result of the self-interest philosophy is that these bureaucrats don’t want to choose for the “good of the people” but the good of the elite, from which they get recompense for servitude.  Who in turn get their power, seat and authority from Red Dragon.  Are they Dracos or Reptoids-  I doubt it, but possible.  They are untrustworthy and  snaky.

The gun owners of America will fight gun control changes of any kind, because WE KNOW that if we allow them to get any more even reasonable laws passed,  they will be back next year with more restrictions. “The Grabbers and rightfully scared people” will be back with more restrictive laws next , ad nauseum, until they have all the guns. We aren’t fighting the Grabbers for gun rights for only hunting; we are fighting for gun rights to protect ourselves from actually bad people and to keep the Gun Grabbers from implementing all those OTHER laws and regs they have in mind, that the NWO won’t stop making and shoving down our throats without a fight. We are and we WILL lose; we can just stall for time and hope there is a rapture. Even if there is one, be ready for a rough road ahead (especially people of Europe Canada, USA, Australia, or any other wealthy middle class state.</div

Anybody see this story? Here is a place that probably has gun control laws. Only those in control have guns-

Venezuelans were told to boil rocks if they are hungry to fill their bellies, yet apparatchiks (good word to understand) were running through the streets yelling “forget the people, save the Revolution”. Translated- “support your enslavement”.   Here’s your socialist paradise, Bernie Sanders.  Of course, it is the capitalist’s fault.

We are losing every day to their power structure. Many of the laws are not unreasonable, but as everyone knows, and I MEAN this COMPLETELY literally, the DEVIL IS IN (behind) (the evil entity in charge- call him/them by any name) the details. Many people feel the pinch tightening, they just think Obamadinijaad and Washington are responsible, but the Red Dragon is responsible for the evil in those laws. I am not against the environmentalists if they are doing good things, but when people are getting harassed and arrested from collecting water off their roof for storage, because it’s in the Watershed zone of the EPA (or whatever) or for killing a protected rattlesnake to keep their precious children from a bite, that is evil for the sake of the letter of the law; the enforcer’s mantra becomes “we just enforce the laws and don’t make them” (defined and forced on the world by NWO). I still can’t do much about it, but I think I have identified two groups responsible – the NWO octopus and really- the Off-planeteers – they are on-planet too.

<div class=”copy-paste-block”>I don’t belong to ANY church, or any “responsible” religion and I don’t care if you don’t want to become a Christian or read this website. When you see the anguish and futility of what’s coming to your life, you can turn to the Wiccan’s, David Koresh or to Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh (I think he died, so connect with séance) for answers. I want all people to be free. That includes free of or for religion (freedom of choice). I just try to see and speak truth.   I am   a flawed human being like everyone. Forget about me- focus on “what is the truth of everything”. I think only the wicked will object to truth because they have something to hide. If I make a mistake, then I do. Just believe what seems to be true and forget what doesn’t seem to pass the “smell test”. Hey, at least I’m not trying to clip you for a 20 with some pitch for a book. If you don’t agree with something, comment, and I will look into it. Email me any links to validate your point or just comment. Believe what you will; I’m not bringing anyone to the Holy Land, Nirvana, or promising virgins. Perhaps a little Enlightenment, and I don’t mean like a Lucifer. Believe only what passes the smell test.

There is no point of hoping Obamadinijaad or the next President can or will do anything but token gestures; he follows his next orders about economics, illegal immigration, safe cities, immigration of people intent on making us live by THEIR rules. Most of your life is now in the hands of bureaucrats appointed by NWO and all the decisions are made in those International organizations. Forget getting America back, if it ever existed how we thought it was. The NWO doesn’t actually look like its doing much because they maintain the illusion of sovereign nations, and the presidents will be needed to enforce their edicts and be scapegoats for NWO. Have you been feeling the clamps getting tighter and tighter with no help of loosening without major disruptions of societies by catastrophe or war. Might be c’mon’ right up. And the incivility that could follow with restrictive martial laws and the horrors from the war or catastrophe are mind numbing. If you believe in the Revelation book of the Bible, I think there is hope at the end of the tunnel, and if you are like me – you are wary of what is going to be on that road because you see what is coming.