Psaul? Project in Progress- someone answer this for me

Was Psaul an Apostle or a fraud and the wolf in sheep’s clothing Yashua warned the Apostles about? I haven’t come to a conclusion yet, but I always had my suspicion about three very bothersome teachings in  his theology.  I agree with most of what he wrote but “obey the beast”, “be a good and happy slave” and his misogynistic stances.

The Pauline teaching of  “obey the Beast” theology is absolutely a total distortion of Yashua’s teachings.  Psaul taught the  “Divine Right of Governments” fraud.  Psaul claimed that God put governments in power, so disobeying governments is tantamount to disobeying God.  How many horrid rulers used this exact Pauline (only) teaching to validate anything they felt like doing.  This was not a minor point – how many sycophant churches claimed that their kings/czars/Kaisers/etc were selected by the will of God and no one had a right to question anything these rulers did without incurring the wrath and damnation of God (really only the wrath of church and state).   In return, the sovereign would force his subjects to adopt that particular church as the one selected by God and his own wise divinity.  By that logic, all Jews should have jumped for joy when being rounded up for their future concentration camp vacations in hell. I guess I should leap at taking the 666 mark and to “serve the beast”.

Many, many Christians buy this particular crap because the Pauline Gospel said so.  They say Yashua believed that way when he told a group of conspirators trying to catch him denouncing paying taxes (they wanted him imprisoned for rebellion against Rome – a capital offense), so Yashua cleverly said .. “…whose image is on the coin? then give to Caesar what is Caesar’s and give to YHWH what is Yhwh’s”.  He never said “obey the beast” or that caesars were put in as emperors by YHWH.

As a matter of fact, Satan claimed ownership of all the earthly kingdoms (Matt 4:8) when he took Yashua to a high mountain  and offered all the kingdoms to Yashua if Yashua would fall down and worship him (Satan).

Luke 4:6: “All this power will I give thee, and the glory of them: for that is delivered unto me; and to whomever 1 will I give it.”  IICorin 4:4- god of this world

Any Christian who really believes in the “divine right of kings (governments)” is blind, malicious, confused,  just ignorant or are greatly in error.  Yashua’s non- belief in the “obey the beast” philosophy is clear to anyone who really wants to think about it, instead of just accepting some church moron’s point of view.  If Yashua really endorsed the idea of “obey the beast”, He (Yashua) would have been in Roman temples, giving sacrifices to Roman gods and especially to the deification of emperors.   What better way could Yashua have proven that Emperors (Governments) were YHWH’s instruments and endorse by Him.  Many caesars were worshipped as gods and expected the public to worship them as such.  I just don’t understand how Christians can be so blind as to believe in “obey the beast”.    If Yashua would have “obeyed the beast” HE would have been buds with Herod and Pontius Pilate by promoting their agenda.  Please don’t be so foolish as to believe in this if you are a Christian.  That would mean you should “Be a good Nazi” if you lived in WW2 Germany.

Speaking of leaping  to take the 666 mark – check out “Babylonian Magic Square”. Never heard of it until last week.   Great explanation for where 666 comes from. Works for me (still researching).  The Babylonian sexagesimal (base 60) number system  gave us 360 days in a year (originally), 60 minutes, 60 seconds,  360 degrees in a circle, 60 degrees in each angle of an equilateral triangle and 666 sun worship.  his IS  must read.  I do very much  disagree  with the article’s point of view that Catholicism is the  Babylon of end times.  Most all of the other Christian and non-Christian religions are offshoots (daughters) of the Mystery religion.  Almost ALL.  Read Pages or Posts 1-9 of  “Antichrist’s name is Apollo, Zeus is Satan and the Rev 13:1 Beast’s 10 horns have Been Here Since the 90’s” when I finally get it repaired.

Another thing I vehemently hate, even more than “obey the beast” is the Pauline idiocy of “Be a good slave”. What a jerk he was. He sent some poor slave back to the owner with a note from him (Psaul), attesting to the remorse the scared freed slave had and that this slave would work much harder and never try to escape again. What a douche. People, please understand that slaves were extremely abused;  especially sexually abused from childhood and were passed around to Roman friends for varied forced sexual activity. Romans regularly engaged in rape, brutal sex, forced hetero/homosexual sex, pedophilia, bestiality, incest, etc. Roman Emperor Tiberius was famous for his swimming pool with his minnows. Minnows? Yep, naked adolescent boys who were required to swim around the nude Tiberius and perform sex acts (use your imagination- too gross to explain). When Caligula inherited Tiberius’ throne, he threw the minnows off a precipice and onto jagged rocks. Caligula had incest with all four of his sisters and cut and tore the baby out of one of them (she died of course). He forced dinner guest’s wives (even Senators) to have sex with him in the bedroom while the meal continued, then come back to the table and give a rating of the wife’s performance and a play by play to the husband.

Personally, I don’t care what the Roman’s preferred sexually, I just think that forced sexual exploitation of slaves stinks. Slavery itself is totally Satanic. In today’s world, Psaul’s actions would be like sending a note to a pimp with an escaped, trafficked woman, which said – she was remorseful for escaping her wonderful life and would, from now on, pork harder (give better sex or ?- sorry to be so crude, but the whole “good slave” needs to be understood as the vile practice that it was). I wish Psaul had several years of debauched sex slavery himself and see if he felt the same afterwards. Ridiculous, criminal and ungodly. This man – an Apostle. Mmmmh.  On the other hand, who was ever perfect or always right?  He did write 13 books (there is debate to numbers) and he really stressed  grace by faith without works.  The other apostles- not so much.  I am in a quandary.  I just got feeling pretty good about finding a plausible explanation of Revelation and I read an article about Psaul being a False Apostle.  Bad timing.  I can’t give you an answer about this at this time, but just explain my own confusion about Psaul.  I will come to some conclusion.  An Apostle with goofs (who wasn’t) or a False Apostle who really developed the Gospel.

Last big thing I have really disliked is Psaul’s misogyny.  That dislike of women seems pretty apparent if you can believe that he could be in error.  (who isn’t in some way).  Should I expect perfect Apostles- it would make things easier and cleaner, but inconsistent with the Bible.  Only one was perfect.

I am sure Psaul was a Herodian and we know he was a Roman citizen – that explains his status in the Sanhedrin and his schooling at the feet of Gamelian (noted Pharisee). Who gave Psaul authority and status of an Apostle? The Apostles never did. They never considered him an Apostle or equal but did give him some respect and acknowledged his doing work and some undetermined status in the church. He didn’t qualify for Apostleship based on their criteria in selecting Mathias to replace Judas.   One main reason Matthias replaced Judas as an Apostle, was his time spent with Yashua. Psaul claims that he heard some disembodied voice (he claims is Yashua) tell him to preach and then has 3 seemingly contradictory stories to tell about his encounter and his word qualifies him as an Apostle? – NOT SO FAST! Where is the mouth of two or three witnesses? Why did Yashua praise the Ephesians for rejecting a False Prophet in letter to Ephesians (Rev 2:2) while Psaul complained bitterly that the Near East churches(Ephesus was one) rejected his gospel. But was he  an Apostle –  I don’t know so, but certainly bummed about this whole idea.   He wrote 13 of the 27 books of New Testament.  Now I have something more to resolve.  There is no question of his intelligence and education.  He seemed to better understand the Gospel better than the Twelve.

Being fishermen and tax collectors, all the Apostles lacked the ability and sophistication to resolve numerous issues, especially circumcision and how many of the Jewish practices were part of Christianity. They were also Jews brought up with those laws and practiced them by preference just naturally. Even the Psaul circumcised Timothy after railing against it. What about all the other Jewish rules? I have no answer.  He clearly delineated the difference between Jewish Rules and Christian.

He was more responsible for Sunday worship than Emperor Constantine by his theology. I never understood the justification for Sunday worship, but I never cared much about Sabbath keeping because I never work on it, but I don’t work on Sunday either. I never go to a building or to a group for validation or fellowship. Not interested in their practices and especially the diatribe from some Seminary brainwashed lackey (the majority). You can justify Sunday worship, but can you claim that it has been “done away with” when there is a clear admonition against travel on a Sabbath during the future Tribulation from Yashua, Himself? He says (red lettering) “Pray that you flee not in winter or on a Sabbath”. Clear as a bell. Matthew 24:20 were Yashua’s words.  Some argue that the warning was to Jews for the future Roman devastation of Jerusalem in 70 AD.  Perhaps. Ambiguous? Done away with? Not if you read English, discount the Roman devastation of Jerusalem argument and not obfuscate it.  Yashua obeyed the Law and the Sabbaths, as well as the Apostles, but were they doing so as Jews? Did Yashua’s fulfillment of the laws  mean that a person wasn’t to follow them;  or not by obedience, but by love? Does Yashua’s fulfillment of the Law mean only that He was able to actually keep every point of it unlike anyone else? Maybe we should just acknowledge our inability to keep it as we fail to and pray to grow in love to not “rigidly/mechanically” OBEY the law but to overcome the “need” to OBEY by becoming loving people.

Of course, since Popes are infallible and Yashua must have been confused, we are so lucky  the Pope straightened out what Yashua actually meant about His Own theology and helped Yashua clear up His ill-chosen words. You really have to applaud the Pope for being so cocksure. Of course, it was readily apparent that the Pope ABSOLUTELY HAD TO torture and murder thousands of Christian heretics and poor Jews, who kept the Sabbath, and force confessions from them for this dastardly sin for their own good; the torture was surely preferable to an eternity in hell don’t ya think?

Thank you Popes for unJudaising us. Thanks for all the antisemitism too. It fit so well with Hitler’s theology, that the Popes and Nazis supported some of each other’s causes in WW2 and the Pope supposedly used the Schutzstaffel (SS) for their struggle for primacy with  another syncretistic Church- the Russian Orthodox. The Orthodox claim primacy over the Catholic authority because their (Orthodox) rule was never broken like the Popes, and the Eastern (Orthodox) church was in the Capital of the Roman Empire – Constantinople. Not that they were any better than the Popes and were just another greedy, narcissistic, self-important, self-deluded bunch.

I bet you don’t know that the Russians actually consider themselves inheritors of Eastern and Western Roman Empire with the only true Christian church. That’s why the Popes hate them more than Protestants, who they  see as  under the mantle of Catholicism while the Orthodox claim primacy over Catholicism.  The Tsars have a legal (by Royal inheritance) but unenforceable claim to almost all of the Roman Empire including Europe, Africa and Middle East. The Russian prince, Ivan III ( Emperor), married the last legal heir to the Eastern (Byzantine) Roman Empire, princess Sophia Paleologue, niece of Constantine XI, the last Roman Emperor (he ruled the last vestiges of the Roman Empire from Constantinople). Coronation of Russian Emperors became copies of Roman rites, showing the continuity of Roman Empire in Russia and the rulers took the title, Tsar (Czar) replacing the Russian title of Grand Prince. So, when the Russians attack the Middle East and/or Europe, their Church hierarchy (and many Russians) believe it IS their divine right and obligation to remold the world into their Roman Empire vision; the Orthodox Church has recently come on the world stage (after almost 100 years of Communist suppression) and began to reclaim their standing  as spokesman and protector of ALL the world’s Christians,  by taking a vocal  stand against the tyranny of Islam and usurping the Papal claim as spokesman for all Christians. By coming out publicly in such a manner they are reestablishing themselves as primary leader of Christianity. This stance is not accidental, and I am convinced Putin is in full support of Russia being center of Christianity instead of Rome as the Orthodox once were. In the meantime, the Pope is making nice with Islam even claiming that Islam and Christianity worship the same God to the horror of many Catholics, Protestants and Orthodox. Many support the Orthodox stance against Islam, especially Protestants (Orthodox of course) and denounce Francis for being delusional or worse. Putin, emboldened by Russian Orthodox support, will likely pursue further military objectives and consider taking over the Middle East with Shiite and some Sunni support just like many predicted Russia would do in Ezekial 38,39.   My problem with that scenario, is that the Russians are always outsiders of the Roman Empire, and nobody mentions or accounts for them as such in that scenario.  Yesterday Obamadinijaad ordered more troops to the area to prevent too deep of Russian penetration; OF COURSE, the troops are going ONLY to support Iraqis. The Chinese are there too and they have become belligerent by also claiming international waters as Chinese property;   building islands far offshore and establishing military bases on them and prohibiting ships from accessing once International waters. That won’t stand unless an all out conflagration occurs and they win.

We don’t live with  the LEGAL  rules of churches, but  Orthodox hierarchy does and so does the Papacy.  Some rules go back to the 3rd century, but considered valid by religious legal authorities.  Of course, Orthodox, Catholic and Protestants have their own legal authorities and systems, often refusing to hear the other religious groups.  They all claim primacy.  The Orthodox church technically isn’t Russian, but Roman (the Eastern ,but ruling leg of the Empire).  But has been Russian since Byzantium (Eastern Roman Empire) fell to the Turks. There are Orthodox churches outside of  Russia in Greece, Belarus, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Georgia, Macedonia, Moldova, Serbia. Ukraine and many other countries- see link.  I just learned something too – there is a schism between Eastern and Western Orthodoxy.

Oriental Orthodox include Armenia. Eritrea, Ethiopia,  Egypt, Syria, Lebanon, India.

Many clergy immigrated from the head church in Constantinople, Byzantium after its fall and took high positions in the Russian Orthodox Church ( both Roman and Russian churches (as one entity) believed that Russia became the Third Rome (City of Rome-1st, Constantinople-2). Being the most powerful Orthodox Christian state, the Tsars were considered successors to  the Roman Empire and rightful rulers of the Christians theoretically (in their dreams). There was also a claim to the Byzantine (Roman) Empire from the Turk Mehmet II, who also ruled as Caesar (Kayser-i Rûm – translated to Caesar of Rome) who actually possessed Constantinople.

The poem of Tyuchev,  19th century Russian poet,  shows this delusion of Russian claims (hope maybe)—

Moscow and Peter’s grad, the city of Constantine,
these are the capitals of Russian kingdom.
But where is their limit? And where are their frontiers
to the north, the east, the south and the setting sun?
The Fate will reveal this to future generations.
Seven inland seas and seven great rivers
from the Nile to the Neva, from the Elbe to China,
from the Volga to the Euphrates, from Ganges to the Danube.
That’s the Russian Kingdom, and let it be forever,
just as the Spirit foretold and Daniel prophesied.

From China and the Ganges of India through the whole Middle East and the Nile and up through central Europe’s Elbe and Danube.  That is pretty much most of Europe and North Africa all the way to India.  Below is a map of the Danube and Elbe.  Most people know the Ganges in India and the Nile in Egypt.

Where did Daniel ever mention the  Russians?  Not in my Bible.  Maybe they have the “grafted in” idea.  I was  Russian Orthodox as a kid, but they were more oppressive than you can imagine.  They were still in the Middle Ages and used early Slavonic language for liturgy (a really dead language).  Most Russian nobles, who were mostly the Vikings called “Rus” were mixed with Mongol from 300 years of absolute Mongol Domination.  The Slavs were mostly the peasants.  We are talking in generalities with many exceptions.  Technically, early Russian nobility are the same Viking people that ruled Britain as Normans since 1066.  Of course, all of Europe’s royals intermarried eventually.

Nicholas II (overthrown by Communists in 1917) was the last Roman Emperor according to Russians and non-Catholic Eastern Europe. Some subscribe to Turks being inheritors of the title of Caesar, after conquering the Byzantines, which Russians never accepted; the Turk was one of Russia’s greatest foes after the Mongols, and great animosity also existed against Islam by Russians and the Eastern (Orthodox) Romans.  Western Roman Empire spoke Latin and were Catholic; while the more powerful and dominant Eastern Empire spoke Greek and were Orthodox.  Both especially hated the Muslim Ottoman Turks who were considered subhuman;  both the Russians and Eastern Romans hated Muslim Arabs and Persians, but still considered them Caucasians, while Turks were originally all Asians, and over the years, bred themselves out of notice.  How many people know that Turks are Asians (at least originally).  They came East from areas near their enemy, the Mongols. The strategic location of the Byzantine Empire was a strong consideration of Russian claims, but the Russians could not take those areas from the Turks. My take on Russian claims-  as valid as Mexico’s on the Southwest USA or some of the American Indians against the USA.  Who is going to enforce them?  In the West, none of this is mentioned because Western politicians only want to see the Roman Empire being from Rome even though it was the little brother to the Eastern Roman Empire, who ruled the West after Constantine moved the capital from Rome to Constantinople.  To even acknowledge the Eastern Roman Empire, automatically gives some credibility to Russian claims to those lands, so the West won’t even mention it;  some Russians do not see themselves as the aggressors when fighting in Europe and Middle East, but as rightful heirs to both halves of the Roman Empire. The Western Leg of the Roman Empire was ruled by Emperors from Constantinople and even the office of the Pope was created and selected from Constantinople until later.
The primacy of the Bishop of Rome was formally declared in the decree of Emperor Justinian I who was in Constantinople. The decree greatly enhanced the power of the bishop of Rome. The papacy became a small kingdom of Antichrist (church/state). The melding of temporal and alleged spiritual authority had occurred again.

The title Pontifex Maximus (a title Roman Emperors stopped using when they were no longer heads of pagan church and state) was the title Babylonian high priests used in Nimrod’s Babylon. Justinian was trying to avoid putting in a Western Emperor, so he put the Pope in charge of the Western Empire. He was trying to avoid the repeat of the many wars between East and West Roman Emperors who fought costly wars and weakened the Empire.